We Create,
They Love.

We make apps for iOS and Android that people just love to use. Working tight with humongous companies and tiny startups. We fall for brave visions, superb user experiences and digital greatness.


These are just a few of the friends we’ve made during our journey so far. Would you like to be a part of this joyful family of pioneers in the digital world? Don’t be a stranger let’s have a brew!

Our products

Let’s call it a comeback for smooth and simple customer communication through phone, contact forms and more. In early 2019 we aim to launch a fully self founded product that we chose to name Barbro.

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Podcasts sounds better in space might be to over exaggerate things and surely podcast hosting is not rocket sience. But great software and running a reliable service is, thats why we made Podspace.

In closed beta during 2018 and public launch in 2019.

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What we do


Great products cannot be found and bought off the shelf. It takes bold ideas, open iterative processes, user awareness and a pinch of engineering magic to create truly great and delightful apps.

Hire us to make your next product or let us help you make your existing one better.

Pixel Loving

We have an obligation to deliver a neat experience for all users – in all projects. Pixels help you to understand. Shows you your next task. Tells you when the next bus leaves. Pixel perfection is of great importance and here to stay.

Code Speaking

Things should just work, every time and every where. We all rely on code in most situations nowadays. But we however don’t just rely on it, we breathe it – in most forms anyways.

App Making

When all is said and done, apps are super fun to make. They are such a great proof of when great design and engineering meet – magic happens. That’s also why we love it so much.

About us

Digi-tallest on

We’re equal parts business minded as we are humble creators in our virtual playgrounds. Together we strive to make the worlds products a tad bit better for everyone with our digitally bare hands.

We could talk about all the fun things we do as a team. The challenges we take on as individuals. All the places we’ve visited and cool people we met. But to be frank thats what most creative studios do. Come visit ut as find out what sets us apart from others and if that would suit You too.

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